Laguna Beach Trolley Glass Christmas Ornament

Laguna Beach Trolley Glass Christmas Ornament


Using a centuries-old process developed in Eastern Europe, the Laguna Beach Trolley is magnificently reproduced as a Christmas ornament.


Each Christmas ornament is constructed of molten glass hand-blown into a mold. Once the glass is shaped, it's then "silvered". Silvering helps to create a reflective property and depth of color in the ornament. As with all handcrafted items, there will be the slightest of variations between ornaments, because they are not machine-made!


We are proud to offer you these Laguna Beach Trolley Glass Christmas ornaments and we are sure they will be cherished in your family for generations.


Dimensions:  5"L x 2.5"H (to top of metal loop) x 1.25W


PACKING & SHIPPING: Each ornament will be professionally packed in a gift box and shipped to your home or office in the United States. If you would like them shipped to other parts of the world please inquire as to rates.